[Cubicweb] CubicWeb 3.25 release

Arthur Lutz arthur.lutz at logilab.fr
Tue Apr 25 10:19:31 CEST 2017

Congrats to all the contributors and special thanks to Denis for the
integration and the release notes.


On 14/04/2017 16:48, Denis Laxalde wrote:
> Hi,
> I am pleased to announce the release of CubicWeb 3.25. Many thanks to
> contributors of this release which, according to Mercurial, are: Adrien
> Di Mascio, Alain Leufroy, Arthur Lutz, Christophe de Vienne, David
> Douard, Denis Laxalde, Julien Cristau, Olivier Cayrol, Philippe Pepiot,
> Rémi Cardona, Samuel Trégouët and Sylvain Thénault.
> Main changes in this release are listed below.
> New features
> ------------
> * A new option `connections-pooler-enabled` (default yes) has been
> added. This
>   allow to switch off internal connection pooling for use with others
> poolers
>   such as pgbouncer_.
> .. _pgbouncer: https://pgbouncer.github.io/
> * In `deleteconf` view (confirmation before deletion), the list of
> first-level
>   composite objects that would be deleted along with the primary
> entity is
>   displayed (01eeea97e549).
> * The ``cubicweb.pyramid`` module now provides a Paste application
> factory
>   registered as an entry point named ``pyramid_main`` and that can be
> used to
>   run a Pyramid WSGI application bound to a CubicWeb repository.
> * A new configuration type ``pyramid`` has been added to create
> CubicWeb's
>   instances (through ``cubicweb-ctl create -c pyramid <basecube>
> <appid>``).
>   This configuration bootstraps a CubicWeb instance that is essentially a
>   repository plus the minimal setup to run a Pyramid WSGI application
> on top
>   of it. Noticeably, it does not ship all *web* configuration but rather
>   relies on configuration declared in a ``development.ini`` file for any
>   Pyramid application.
> * A new way to declare workflows as simple data structure (dict/list)
> has been
>   introduced. Respective utility functions live in ``cubicweb.wfutils``
>   module. This handles both the creation and migration of workflows.
> * A new IDublinCore adapter has been introduced to control the
> generation of
>   Dublin Core metadata that are used in several base views.
> * It is now possible to *derive* rtags using their ``derive`` method
>   (0849a5eb57b8). Derived rtags keep a reference to the original rtag
> and only
>   hold custom rules, allowing changes which are done in the original
> rtag after
>   derivation to be still considered.
> * A new ``cubicweb-ctl scheduler <appid>`` command has been introduced
> to run
>   background and periodic tasks of the repository (previously called
> *looping
>   tasks*). In a production environment, a process with this command
> should be
>   run alongside with a WSGI server process (possibly running multiple
>   processes itself).
> Backwards incompatible changes
> ------------------------------
> * As a consequence of the replacement of the old looping tasks manager
> by a
>   scheduler, all cubicweb-ctl's "start" commands (i.e. ``start``,
> ``pyramid``,
>   ``wsgi``) do not start repository *looping tasks manager* anymore,
> nor do
>   they start the scheduler. Site administrators are thus expected to
> start
>   this scheduler as a separate process. Also, registering looping
> tasks (i.e.
>   calling ``repo.looping_tasks()``) is a no-op when the repository has no
>   scheduler set; a warning is issued in such cases. Application
> developers may
>   rely on repository's ``has_scheduler`` method to determine if they
> should
>   register a looping task or not.
> * In ``cubicweb.pyramid``, function ``make_cubicweb_application`` got
> renamed
>   into ``config_from_cwconfig`` (950ce7d9f642).
> * Several cleanups in repository's session management have been conducted
>   resulting from changes introduced in 3.19 release. Among others, the
>   ``cubicweb.server.session.Session`` class has been dropped, and request
>   ``session`` attribute is now tight to a web session whose
> implementation
>   depends on the front-end used (twisted or pyramid). Hence this
> attribute
>   should not be accessed from "repository side" code (e.g. hooks or
> operations)
>   and has lost some of his former attributes like ``repo`` which used to
>   reference the repository instance. Due to this, you don't have
> anymore access
>   to session's data through the connection, which leds to deprecation
> of the
>   ``data`` attribute and removal of ``get_shared_data`` and
> ``set_shared_data``
>   methods which are deprecated since 3.19.
> * Support for 'https-url' configuration option has been removed
>   (4516c3956d46).
> * The `next_tabindex` method of request class has been removed
> (011730a4af73).
> * The `cubicweb.hook.logstats.start` hook was dropped because it's
> looping
>   task would not be run in a web instance (see first point about
> repository
>   scheduler).
> * ``uicfg`` rules  to hide the opposite relation of inlined form are
> not anymore
>   automatically added, because this was actually done randomly and so not
>   reliable, so you'll have to add them manually:
>   ::
>     autoform_section.tag_subject_of(('CWUser', 'use_email',
> 'EmailAddress'),
>                                     'main', 'inlined')
>     autoform_section.tag_object_of(('CWUser', 'use_email',
> 'EmailAddress'),
>                                    'inlined', 'hidden')
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