[Cubicweb] CubicWeb 3.25 release

Denis Laxalde denis.laxalde at logilab.fr
Fri Apr 14 16:48:19 CEST 2017


I am pleased to announce the release of CubicWeb 3.25. Many thanks to
contributors of this release which, according to Mercurial, are: Adrien
Di Mascio, Alain Leufroy, Arthur Lutz, Christophe de Vienne, David
Douard, Denis Laxalde, Julien Cristau, Olivier Cayrol, Philippe Pepiot,
Rémi Cardona, Samuel Trégouët and Sylvain Thénault.

Main changes in this release are listed below.

New features

* A new option `connections-pooler-enabled` (default yes) has been 
added. This
   allow to switch off internal connection pooling for use with others 
   such as pgbouncer_.

.. _pgbouncer: https://pgbouncer.github.io/

* In `deleteconf` view (confirmation before deletion), the list of 
   composite objects that would be deleted along with the primary entity is
   displayed (01eeea97e549).

* The ``cubicweb.pyramid`` module now provides a Paste application factory
   registered as an entry point named ``pyramid_main`` and that can be 
used to
   run a Pyramid WSGI application bound to a CubicWeb repository.

* A new configuration type ``pyramid`` has been added to create CubicWeb's
   instances (through ``cubicweb-ctl create -c pyramid <basecube> 
   This configuration bootstraps a CubicWeb instance that is essentially a
   repository plus the minimal setup to run a Pyramid WSGI application 
on top
   of it. Noticeably, it does not ship all *web* configuration but rather
   relies on configuration declared in a ``development.ini`` file for any
   Pyramid application.

* A new way to declare workflows as simple data structure (dict/list) 
has been
   introduced. Respective utility functions live in ``cubicweb.wfutils``
   module. This handles both the creation and migration of workflows.

* A new IDublinCore adapter has been introduced to control the generation of
   Dublin Core metadata that are used in several base views.

* It is now possible to *derive* rtags using their ``derive`` method
   (0849a5eb57b8). Derived rtags keep a reference to the original rtag 
and only
   hold custom rules, allowing changes which are done in the original 
rtag after
   derivation to be still considered.

* A new ``cubicweb-ctl scheduler <appid>`` command has been introduced 
to run
   background and periodic tasks of the repository (previously called 
   tasks*). In a production environment, a process with this command 
should be
   run alongside with a WSGI server process (possibly running multiple
   processes itself).

Backwards incompatible changes

* As a consequence of the replacement of the old looping tasks manager by a
   scheduler, all cubicweb-ctl's "start" commands (i.e. ``start``, 
   ``wsgi``) do not start repository *looping tasks manager* anymore, nor do
   they start the scheduler. Site administrators are thus expected to start
   this scheduler as a separate process. Also, registering looping tasks 
   calling ``repo.looping_tasks()``) is a no-op when the repository has no
   scheduler set; a warning is issued in such cases. Application 
developers may
   rely on repository's ``has_scheduler`` method to determine if they should
   register a looping task or not.

* In ``cubicweb.pyramid``, function ``make_cubicweb_application`` got 
   into ``config_from_cwconfig`` (950ce7d9f642).

* Several cleanups in repository's session management have been conducted
   resulting from changes introduced in 3.19 release. Among others, the
   ``cubicweb.server.session.Session`` class has been dropped, and request
   ``session`` attribute is now tight to a web session whose implementation
   depends on the front-end used (twisted or pyramid). Hence this attribute
   should not be accessed from "repository side" code (e.g. hooks or 
   and has lost some of his former attributes like ``repo`` which used to
   reference the repository instance. Due to this, you don't have 
anymore access
   to session's data through the connection, which leds to deprecation 
of the
   ``data`` attribute and removal of ``get_shared_data`` and 
   methods which are deprecated since 3.19.

* Support for 'https-url' configuration option has been removed

* The `next_tabindex` method of request class has been removed 

* The `cubicweb.hook.logstats.start` hook was dropped because it's looping
   task would not be run in a web instance (see first point about repository

* ``uicfg`` rules  to hide the opposite relation of inlined form are not 
   automatically added, because this was actually done randomly and so not
   reliable, so you'll have to add them manually:


     autoform_section.tag_subject_of(('CWUser', 'use_email', 
                                     'main', 'inlined')
     autoform_section.tag_object_of(('CWUser', 'use_email', 'EmailAddress'),
                                    'inlined', 'hidden')

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