[Cubicweb] cubicweb-celery

Christophe de Vienne christophe at unlish.com
Thu Feb 4 12:51:25 CET 2016

Hello David,

Nice having some contributions on this!

I just reviewed the patches, and applied most of them.


Le 04/02/2016 11:35, David Douard a écrit :
> we are starting to use cubicweb-celery for some projects, and we need to add some patches 
> and release a version of the code, see
>   https://www.cubicweb.org/project/cubicweb-celery/0.1.0
> So if anyone is using it or interested in it, please comment the currently draft patches 
> and tickets in this version (as usual, we need to publish this version quite quickly, 
> something like next week).
> David

Christophe de Vienne
Co-fondateur http://unli.sh

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