[Cubicweb] automatically generated search filters and web user interface

Terrence Brannon metaperl at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 16:48:17 CET 2015

Hello, I am a Python programmer by trade. I am wondering how well-suited
Cubicweb is to the following task.

I want to take the URL to a video and store the URL as well as a
few attributes about the video. For example:

* video-link: http://asdfasdfaasfadsf.com
* line(s) of business: property management
* location: klamath falls, or
* benefits: new customers, shopping benefits, b2b

Now, given this metadata about the video, I would like a series of
search filters to be automatically generated so that I can find
relevant videos by any combination of the following:

* line(s) of business: via a list of checkboxes, select businesses in
those lines of business
* location: all businesses within X miles of where video was shot. So,
if I store a zip code, then it stores the location and will retrieve
this video if a person searches for things near that zip code.
* benefits: a list of checkboxes, one or all of which may be selected

Also, it would be nice if a rudimentary front-end were generated that
allowed me to browse through these various categories.

I'm wondering how much of the search filtering will be provided out of
the box.

Terrence Brannon
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