[Cubicweb] Pyramid and REST

Christophe de Vienne christophe at unlish.com
Fri May 15 10:42:34 CEST 2015


Le 12/05/2015 10:07, Rabah Meradi a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have made a report (attached file) that show how Cubicweb handle the
> different HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD and Options) when
> using pyramid.

I do not think pyramid changes anything on this matter.
The observations are most probably right for a classic cubicweb instance.

> I have also listed the different Ajax calls made to the API to see where
> we don't respect REST architecture (ex: doing a GET to add a resource).
> My next task to change the Ajax calls to make them respect REST
> architecture. Let me know if you have any comments.

A few questions first:

- Is your work limited to the few ajax calls?

- Do you intend to use the pyramid views, or do "pure-cubicweb" code?

- What is the motivation for doing this changes? Is it only compliance
to a standard (which is a good thing), or is there something else?

Now about unloadPageData: I think the right thing to do is to make it
useless and *remove it*. Imo, spending time on making it RESTful is not
worth it.

Same goes for userCallBackThenUpdateUI and unregisterUserCallBack.



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