[Cubicweb] remove cancel and apply buttons

Rabah Meradi rabah.meradi at logilab.fr
Tue Jun 9 10:14:33 CEST 2015

> What are the pendings operations? Adding multiple relations at the
> same time using the lower half of the standard form?

Yes that's it. When we select a relation and then we select the other
entity of the relation an ajax call is made to store in the server the
relation (we store the eid of the two entities and the relation name).
Same thing is done when we chose to delete a relation.

When we hit the validate button, in the server side we fetch from the
session all theses operations and apply them.  

> What is the show stopper exactly?

With the actual solution you can start editing your entity then close
your tab and go to another page say home page for example. Now if you
edit the same entity again you will still have all the operations you
have made earlier. 

If the operations are passed in the form parameters, when you close you
tab or change the page you will lose them.

> Did you think about using an hidden form field to store the redirect
> url?

It's done this way. __redirectpath and __errorurl are hidden form
fields. Another solution will be to use the referrer header.

> Not being able to give a redirect url to a form seems like a
> regression, but I guess the best way to appreciate the situation would
> be to grep the code base and count in how many places this feature is
> used.

I didn't understood what you mean by 'Not being able to give a redirect
url to a form'. In CubicWeb this functionality is only used when we hit
the cancel button but I don't know if it is used in other cubes. 

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