[Cubicweb] remove cancel and apply buttons

Rabah Meradi rabah.meradi at logilab.fr
Mon Jun 8 16:55:18 CEST 2015

Apparently when we hit the cancel button, we remove from the server
session all the pending operations that we have done while trying to
edit the entity.

So to remove the button we mustn't use session to store the pending
operations. As a solution the pending operations can be sent as a form
parameters. I have implemented this solution but this will change the
way we use CubicWeb so it will not be integrated (at least not too

I removed the usage of breadcrumbs in this changeset
(https://www.cubicweb.org/patch/5447484). With this changeset we don't
use breadcrumbs to retrieve the page where we should go when we hit
cancel button. The redirect page will be retrieved like this:

- if we hit cancel when editing an entity the redirect url is the url of
the entity
- use form parameters to retrieve the redirect url (__errorurl,
- or return to the home page   

Do you see if this can introduce regression in CubicWeb? Or if you have
any comments about this changeset?


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