[Cubicweb] remove cancel and apply buttons

Rabah Meradi rabah.meradi at logilab.fr
Wed Jun 3 15:53:25 CEST 2015


When creating or editing an entity, CubicWeb provides three buttons: 
 * validate: create the entity an redirect to view page. We should
perhaps change the name to 'create' (in creation view) as the action is
creating an entity.
 * apply: create the entity and redirect to the edit view 
 * cancel: return to the last visited page

I see problems with apply and cancel buttons. For me these two buttons
are to be removed for the below reasons:
 * I don't see the utility to create an entity and edit it just after
without doing any other actions (view it for example). 
 * 'apply' isn't descriptive. apply is better suited when making changes
but here the entity isn't created yet so we can't make changes to it.
Perhaps we should choose another name if we decide to keep it.   
 * the cancel button has the same functionality to the browser's back
button and users tend to use it when they have done something wrong.  

To implement the action of the cancel button we use session to retrieve
last visited pages. Storing data in session is something we want to
avoid to respect REST principles.

Other websites only provide create and preview buttons.

Articles about cancel buttons:

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