[Cubicweb] Move sources to a sub-directory

Denis Laxalde denis.laxalde at logilab.fr
Mon Sep 1 10:11:58 CEST 2014

Christophe de Vienne a écrit :
>>>> I also really like this kind of workflow and the idea to only checkout
>>>> what you need to hack on. Even better if it could be combined with
>>>> system/distribution packages, not just pypi.
>>> It can, you just have to use the "--system-site-packages" switch of
>>> virtualenv.
>> Even for cubes in /usr/share/cubicweb/cubes?
> Cubes are not packages (yet :-p), so it works differently. You will
> still need a "cubes" directory to checkout your cubes.
> You can, however, use a CW_CUBES_PATH with multiple paths in it.

Yes, as far as application running (cw-ctl) is concerned. This is quite 
independent of the virtualenv.

My concern is more about running tests. In my experience it is quite 
hard to use both cubes from a source tree and cubes from the system. I 
wonder if this couldn't be solved by making the "cubes" package a 
namespace package.

Denis Laxalde
Logilab         http://www.logilab.fr

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