[Cubicweb] LDAP synchronization: pre-existing CWGroup and LDAP group with the same name

Aurélien Campéas aurelien.campeas at logilab.fr
Mon Nov 17 11:52:07 CET 2014

Le 17/11/2014 11:20, Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos a écrit :
> Dear all,

Hello Dimitri,

> We are operating our new Imagen CubicWeb server using two machines:
> * We use a qualification machine on our internal network to import data
> to a CubicWeb instance and configure security. Configuring security
> requires pre-existing CWGroups. The qualification machine has currently
> no access to an LDAP server. The initialization script creates directly
> in the CubicWeb instance the CWGroups that are required for configuring
> security.
> The CubicWeb database is dumped from this qualification machine.
> * The production machine is using an LDAP service for user management.
> The CubicWeb database is loaded from the dump performed on the
> qualification machine. Restarting the production server is pretty fast
> this way.
> Unfortunately when synchronizing LDAP there is an issue with CWGroups
> already present in the CubicWeb database dump and the corresponding
> groups declared in LDAP. The synchronization script typically complains
> with such errors:
> 2014-11-16 06:44:55 - (cubicweb.sources.Imagen) ERROR: error while
> creating CWGroup: 190798 (name-subject): the value "OPEN_FU2" is already
> used, use another one
> How would you best solve this issue? I'm working on giving the
> qualification machine access to the LDAP service of the production
> machine, so that the CubicWeb instance can be synchronized with LDAP on
> the qualification machine before importing the data and dumping the
> database. It could take some time before it is possible. In the
> meantime, do you see an alternative?

I can see a fix over whatever cubicweb version you are using to allow
this situation (and indeed, emit a warning for these groups).


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