[Cubicweb] Pyro and ZMQ deprecated?

Yann Cointepas yann at cointepas.net
Tue Mar 4 15:31:03 CET 2014


Is there a documentation or some examples that could help to know how to
create a server and to develop a client to use an appropriate REST API ?

On the client side, I only need to be able to do things like this:

my_instance = ConnectToMyInstance( login, password )
result = my_instance.execute( any_valid_rql )
for row in result:
   do_something_with( row )

Today, I have two implementation of this very simple API. One that use
zmq+pickle and another one (this one is read only) forging URLs with
vid=jsonexport to get the result. As far as I understand, both
implementations are wrong and I would like to to be on the right side.

Thanks for any help,


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On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 3:20 PM, aurélien campéas <aurelien.campeas at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hi Dimitri,
> 2014-03-02 14:47 GMT+01:00 Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos <
> dimitri.papadopoulos at cea.fr>:
> Dear all,
>> I've stumbled upon the following tickets and learned that ZMQ and Pyro
>> support will be deprecated/dropped in CubicWeb 3.19:
>>         http://www.cubicweb.org/ticket/2919295
>>         http://www.cubicweb.org/ticket/2919297
>>         http://www.cubicweb.org/ticket/2919309
>> We were planning on using ZMQ to remotely update and access CubicWeb
>> databases, in order to avoid HTTP limitations and the hassle of managing
>> HTTPS sessions in scripts. Are ZMQ and Pyro to be entirely dropped? What
>> should we be using instead of ZMQ?
> The idea is to use a combination of the "signedrequest" and "rqlcontroller"
> cubes (server-side) and request.py (client side) to perform authenticated
> restful repo access.
> Still, this is far from a drop-in replacement of pyro/zmpqpickle protocols.
> For pyro, it's just a dead unsupported library (there exists a version 4
> but version number indicates it is a new thing).
> I still believe there should be some room for zmq-pickle in the very short
> term
> provided its users are aware of the following:
> * the client is basically granted full access to the resources of the
> user at host
> running the server, which is a bit of a security concern ...
> * the transport is insecure (anyone sniffing the traffic will grab
> everything)
> * there are obscure bugs and corner cases
> * it needs to die (as currently done at least)
> (that's basically what Pierre-Yves noted in the tickets).
> Regards,
> Aurélien.
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