[Cubicweb] Status of the container cube

aurélien campéas aurelien.campeas at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 15:45:16 CET 2014

A followup.

We decided Friday (attend. were Adrien, David, Sylvain and me)
to implement CONFIGURATION in container 2.4.
I somehow failed to clearly enough pitch the importance of RDEFS.

However without doing it we introduce a new and buggy api.

(e.g. the Config.setup_container_hook() will produce hooks,
that, under specific (noted in the field and available in the test suite)
circumstances, will raise a SelectAmbiguity at select-time.)

So I propose the following:

* I will take over the integration of CONFIGURATION patches
* I will provide the new RDEFS-based apis instead of the current
rtype-based one

To give myself enough time to build it properly, I'll shift my vacation
start date two days forward.

This would be, imho, a huge enhancement over the current situation,
and I'd feel like taking my vacations more light-hearted :)

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