[Cubicweb] Client command line tool in OpenERP vs. cubicweb-ctl (Re: [PROVENANCE INTERNET] Re: Apache authentication: which CubicWeb API?)

Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Mon Oct 14 10:07:08 CEST 2013

On 14 octobre 09:24, afayolle wrote:
> Hello everyone,

Hi Alexandre,
> I'm now spending a significant amount of my time working with OpenERP.
> In the OpenERP ecosystem, there is a well defined API to interact with
> the server because the main design paradigm is that the client layer is
> largely independent from the server layer. Actually the web client in
> OpenERP is a Javascript application, largely in charge of the
> presentation of the json serialized business objects and the navigation
> logic, which is quite different from the CW philosophy in which the
> views are generated on the server side and then displayed in the
> browser, together with very minimal JS code, mainly for eye candy.
> [I'm aware I'm verging on the caricatural side here, and I have not
> checked on the latest orbui developments which may be part of a
> solution. The goal is not to start a framework war, just to provide some
> feedback on how things are done in another framework. ]
> The net effect of this, is that in the OpenERP ecosystem, there are 3rd
> party tools such as ERPpeek [1] which are very close to what
> `cubicweb-ctl shell` is in the CW ecosystem, with a very nice addition:
> it is able to work in the c-ctl shell way by instanciating the
> server-side of openerp, and also to work as a remote client if supplied
> with the URL of an OpenERP instance. In this case, all the API calls are
> made through RPC using the server's public API. A script which sticks
> with the public API of the framework and the extension modules can be
> run transparently in both modes, which is a huge gain when doing
> maintenance.

Meaning the OpenERP public API offers full access to the underlying database ?
Or only an (internal) ORM which provides some security checks ?

(Sorry if this is a silly question, my OpenERP knowledge is very close to 0).
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