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PAPADOPOULOS ORFANOS Dimitri dimitri.papadopoulos at cea.fr
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I may have misunderstood your case, so here is my experience with cubicweb 3.17.9 and forgotpwd 0.4.2:

·         I click on login

·         I click on "Forgot your password ?"

·         I'm forwarded to /fogottenpassword page without loggin in
Doesn't this work for you?


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Hi, there. This is Lulú Campos, from México. From some time now I've been using the forgotpwd cube (v4.0) within CW v3.15 and all worked fine. Recently, I upgraded CW  to v 3.17, and forgotpwd to v4.2.

After that, when I click on my link to "forgotten password" it wouldn't get me to the /forgottenpassword view UNLESS  I'm logged in, which I'd rather not have to do (security issues).

Is there a way to keep updating passwords w/o logging in? Else, is there a way to force a session ending after the password was changed?

In the attach is the list of all other cubes used.

Thanks for your help.
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