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Carlos Balderas carlos.balderas at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 20:44:33 CET 2013

Hi List, we've been doing some work on OrbUI project, trying to make what
we think could be a little improvement in the way to manage relations in
"edition" view.

We have already push some code in case you want to take a look.
https://bitbucket.org/crealibre/orbui, I am almost sure that we have left
some things "untighten", but will be fixing little by little.

Our next step is to change the "relationSelectionRow" for an
autocomplewidget, we'd like to keep the "Pending Insert" part of the
functionallity, though.

In order to do so I have found the next questions to see if someone could
give me some orientation:

1.- There is a method called "cw_unrelated_rql" in Entity class, same one
that  I'd like to use to return the matching criteria for the
autocompletewidget, but one thing to need to fix is to add one more
restriction that
would be the ILIKE restriction for the main attribute of the entity we are
searching for.

2.- The second question is about the way to find the main attribute's name
we need to make the search in the autocomplete widget. For instance,
something like the incontext, oneline, etc views do, they always show this

We need to have an RQL sentences similar to this:

Any S,AA ORDERBY AA DESC WHERE NOT S works_for_company O, O eid %(x)s, S is
Person, S modification_date AA, S ILIKE %%(inputvalue)%%%s MAINATTRIBUTEOFS'

I hope I explained myself right about what I'd like to do.

Any help will be very appreciated.
Best Regards
Carlos Balderas
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