[Cubicweb] squareui and bootstrap 3

Nicolas Chauvat nicolas.chauvat at logilab.fr
Wed Aug 21 13:39:56 CEST 2013


On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 11:45:17AM +0200, Christophe de Vienne wrote:
> Aside from setting "ui-cube=squareui", is there something to do ?

Hmm. Does the documentation say something about ui-cube? Never heard
of that config variable. Where did you try to set it?

> Because I did that and I am pretty sure that what I see is not what
> is intended (it looks a lot like the old ui but broken).

You have to put both cubes in your "cubes/" directory and hg up to the
most recent changeset, then:

1/ do a "add_cube('squareui')" in the shell of your existing app


2/ add 'cubicweb-squareui' to the dependencies of your app's cube in
the __pkginfo__ and 'cw-ctl create' your app

Does that help ?

Nicolas Chauvat

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