[Cubicweb] CW repositories

Aurélien Campéas aurelien.campeas at logilab.fr
Thu Nov 8 10:02:22 CET 2012

Le 08/11/2012 04:43, Carlos Balderas a écrit :
> Hi List!
> Just to let you know that cubicweb's repositories seem to be broken when
> trying to run the script: cubicweb/bin/clone_deps.py.
> Right now the script is pointing to:
> BASE_URL = 'http://www.logilab.org/hg/'
> The url 'http://www.logilab.org/hg/forests/cubicweb/' let the script run
> correctly but I do not know if this url is the one you'd like to use.

That should be http://hg.logilab.org nowadays.

Note that there is a potentially better way than clonedeps ...

https://www.logilab.org/project/confman is a mercurial extension that
helps form "configurations", aka sets of related repositories

There is a sample one (for cw and forges with a lot of dependencies)
here : https://www.logilab.org/file/106296

If people showed interested we could maintain such sets more


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