[Cubicweb] problem with easy_install cubicweb (winXP, python2.7)

Florent Cayré florent.cayre at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 20:39:58 CET 2012

You should then give Debian a try.

CentOS should not be a problem though, especially I you follow 
Aurelien's "install from source" advice.


Le 17/03/2012 16:42, Elim Qiu a écrit :
> I guess I need to go back to linux. I liked ubuntu when it's at 7, 8; 
> still have 10, but not the current. Haven't touched debian since its 
> 5. Is CentOS fine with cubicweb?
> On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 3:59 AM, Aurélien Campéas 
> <aurelien.campeas at logilab.fr <mailto:aurelien.campeas at logilab.fr>> wrote:
>     Le 16/03/2012 10:52, Aurélien Campéas a écrit :
>         Le 15/03/2012 19:55, Elim Qiu a écrit :
>             This is the 1st time I want understand cubicweb. I think the
>             architectural idea of cubicweb is very interesting and
>             kind of relating
>             to something I've been working with for many years.
>             I used to develop using NeXTSTEP/Apple's WebObjects, which
>             was kind of
>             data model driven but not that thorough( and the newer
>             version getting
>             worse due to the drop of ObjC and leave only Java). The
>             nice thing about
>             WebObjects-ObjC is that It's not strong typed and create
>             new framework,
>             Add Class/Modify the behavior of Class won't very hard at
>             all. But Apple
>             has already changed the focus and appserver/E-Business
>             solution is not
>             their concern anymore; GnuSTEP on the other hand, although
>             it intend to
>             port good things from apple to Gnu world, it is bugy and very
>             incomplete to provide real useful platforms for the
>             operational world.
>             The WebObjects4.5.1 ObjC is working on XP but not the
>             newer versions of
>             windows and OSX. That's why I still use XP sometimes.
>         Given this background I hope that you indeed will find cubicweb
>         enjoyable. Also it becomes quite obvious that you really
>         really didn't
>         want to go the easy_install route.
>         Last year there was a big effort to make most cw's
>         dependencies easy
>         installable but of course it falls short. That's because at
>         logilab
>         nobody ever uses this ! I think we should just refrain from
>         advertising
>         it from the doc ...
>         I think almost all the steps here are still good:
>         http://docs.cubicweb.org/admin/setup-windows.html#setupwindowsenv
>         Inside there is a reference to "getting the source", and you
>         should
>         choose:
>         http://docs.cubicweb.org/admin/setup.html#mercurialinstallation
>         I'm really willing to support these steps if there are any
>         problems with
>         them.
>     Just to be clear, we are really linux people, even, debian people.
>     If you use debian or ubuntu you will get nicely prepared packages.
>     I'm the guy at logilab that ships cubicweb applications under
>     windows and I can tell you setuptools cannot do anything for us.
>     We actually follow the "install from source" strategy and it works
>     well.
>     There are some "manual steps" involved but at least we _can_
>     provide support for these (better than guess-work), out of
>     first-hand experience.
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