[Cubicweb] problem with easy_install cubicweb (winXP, python2.7)

Elim Qiu elim.qiu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 19:55:53 CET 2012

This is the 1st time I want understand cubicweb. I think the architectural
idea of cubicweb is very interesting and kind of relating to something I've
been working with for many years.

I used to develop using NeXTSTEP/Apple's WebObjects, which was kind of data
model driven but not that thorough( and the newer version getting worse due
to the drop of ObjC and leave only Java). The nice thing about
WebObjects-ObjC is that It's not strong typed and create new framework, Add
Class/Modify the behavior of Class won't very hard at all. But Apple has
already changed the focus and appserver/E-Business solution is not their
concern anymore; GnuSTEP on the other hand, although it intend to port
good things from apple to Gnu world, it is bugy and very incomplete to
provide real useful platforms for the operational world.

The WebObjects4.5.1 ObjC is working on XP but not the newer versions of
windows and OSX. That's why I still use XP sometimes.

2012/3/15 Aurélien Campéas <aurelien.campeas at logilab.fr>

> Le 15/03/2012 18:36, Sylvain Thénault a écrit :
>  >  I don't know where to properly put the setup
>>> parameter...[NO_SETUPTOOLS=1]
> That would be in setup.py I guess (?)
>  >
>>> >  Noticed that
>>> >  ========
>>> >  D:\downloads\cubicweb-3.14.5>**python setup.py install
>>> >  ......
>>> >  ......
>>> >  Installed d:\python\lib\site-packages\**cubicweb-3.14.5-py2.7.egg
>>> >  Processing dependencies for cubicweb==3.14.5
>>> >  ......
>>> >  ========
>>> >  Seems the pkg was installed fine but the dependency processing
>>> failed. But
>>> >  we already worked with the dependency, am I wrong?
> It's possible that cubicweb is properly installed and some dependencies
> are also installed, up to the one that failed.
> Indiscrete question: are you installing cubicweb to get some work done
> with an existing application or is it with the purpose of developping some
> new cube ?
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