[Cubicweb] About uiprops and postcreate

St├ęphane Bugat stephane.bugat at free.fr
Fri Jul 27 13:05:29 CEST 2012

> It's because both are in the ``ctxcomponents`` registry, not the
> ``boxes`` one.
> Please, try :
>   set_property('ctxcomponents.search_box.visible', u'')
>   set_property('ctxcomponents.blog_summary_box.visible', u'')

Worked well for 'search_box', thank you Adrien.
'blog_summary_box' has been renamed in something like 'blog_latest_blogs' (obtained through the source code of HTML page), however in the source of cw-blog I found a ctxcomponent with regid 'blog.latest_blogs'. How does the class id is derived from the __regid__ of the component? Both the following failed:

  set_property('ctxcomponents.blog_latest_blogs.visible', u'')
  set_property('ctxcomponents.blog.latest_blogs.visible', u'')

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