[Cubicweb] About uiprops and postcreate

St├ęphane Bugat stephane.bugat at free.fr
Thu Jul 26 15:33:08 CEST 2012

> > For what concerns postcreate:
> >
> >    - As I use the cubiweb-blog cube, a specific blog box appears in
> >    the left context.
> >      I wanted it to disappear (as well as the search box) and
> >      thought I could do it adding a:
> >       set_property('boxes.search_box.visible', u'')
> >       set_property('boxes.blog_summary_box.visible', u'')
> >      to the file. Both rose an error.
> What error ?
> Wouldn't these ppties expect a boolean value ?

The error comes out at the end of a db-init. The traceback in any case (empty string of False value) is:

    yams._exceptions.ValidationError: 1432 (pkey-subject): unknown property key boxes.blog_summary_box.visible

For the blog_summary_box piece of code I've taken the piece of code from http://www.cubicweb.org/687978 (but I'm not sure it is the same context).

BTY, for what concerns my problem about my LOGO, a correct restart of my instance solved it.


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