[Cubicweb] deprecation policy

Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Tue Jul 24 17:40:42 CEST 2012

On 24 juillet 17:31, Aurélien Campéas wrote:
> Dear list,
> I have seen the latest API change in 3.16: one adds a cw_set method
> which unifies set_attributes and set_relations. Also the former
> methods
> get deprecated.
> In an ideal world, I'd:
> * fix my cube's code to kill the deprecation warnings asap
> * use a proper configuration management tool and be happy
> In my current world, I have
> * either to endure swaths of deprecation warnings (for such a
>   basic & widely used API) whenever I continue to develop with
>   this version of cubicweb, because I do not want to immediately
>   commit to it (esp. go in production with it),
> * or to adapt the code & from this render my cube incompatible with
>   former cubicweb versions
> These situations are problematic imo. Maybe I give too much
> importance to these warnings. They tend to pollute quite a bit
> the console however and the repetition of each warning gets
> tiresome quickly.
> That happened also recently with e.g cw 3.15, where cubicweb.selectors
> became cubicweb.predicates. Other than that there are some
> important & big changes in 3.15 but _this renaming alone_ created a
> lot of visual noise.
> Maybe I'm just asking for an option to hide them ?
> Or that we do not immediately deprecate old stuff ?
> Or that we grow good enough configuration management tools ?

My POV is that 3.16 introduce a method that allows to do the same thing
as two previous methods (better btw :), and that I want to warn developpers
using 3.16 that from this version they should use this method instead of the
old one.

The reason why deprecation warnings include the version number is that you
have to be aware, when fixing a warning, that you break compatibility with
earlier version. So IMO, yes, you're according too much importance to those 
warning: having warning for version earlier than the one you intend to 
support is fine.

Now I aggree this sometimes clutters a bit the output and that a filtering
tool to which we could tell "I don't care about cw warning for version > 3.15"
would be nice.

Regarding your third idea, I don't know what's a "good enough configuration
management tool"

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