[Cubicweb] Foaf implementation

St├ęphane Bugat stephane.bugat at free.fr
Wed Jul 18 10:30:22 CEST 2012

Dear all,

After a small chat yesterday with Nicolas, I've decided to separate in my personal project the part relevant to a so-called 'foaf' implementation, to put it in a specific and opensource cubicweb cube. I intend to put the source code in an open repository on bitbucket.

For the moment, the cube will be limited to the following points:
* Automatic creation of a Person when a CWUser belonging to the 'users' group is created;
* Automatic creation of a Blog instance when a Person is created;
* Synchronisation of 'firstname' and 'surname' attributes between both Person and CWUser related instances;
* Synchronisation of 'use_email' and 'primary_email' relations between both Person and CWUser related instances;
* Creation of a 'in_contact_with' symmetric relation between 2 Person instances;
* Creation of a workflowable entity 'ContactDemand'.


1. Does anyone {want,have time,intend to} contribute with me?
2. 'uicfg.autoform_section' possibilities are not described in the cw doc, and that's a pity because it is really powerfull!
   I discovered some functionalities in nullege.com code snippets that seem promising if one wants to hide in the edition form
   the common attributes / relations for both Person and CWUser entities.
   In particular, what are the possible 'formtype' values except 'main'? (I'd like to hide in particular the edition of some
   attributes of CWUser when we are in the main form edition of Person... Hope it's clear)


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