[Cubicweb] Install a recent CubicWeb on Ubuntu 10.04

Yann Cointepas yann at cointepas.net
Thu Dec 6 11:58:51 CET 2012


I have several machines on Ubuntu 10.04 (not my choice) on which I want to
install a recent CubicWeb (for a single user on each machine). What is the
best option for the installation ? I tried with virtualenv and easy_install
but it failed (details below). Should I go with Mercurial and CubicWeb
sources ?

For virtualenv and easy_install, there is a dependency problem between
cubicweb (that requires rql >= 0.31.2) and rql (installed with version
0.31.0). I used the following commands for the installation:

virtualenv venv
venv/bin/easy_install yapps2
sudo apt-get install libgraphviz-dev
venv/bin/easy_install pygraphviz
venv/bin/easy_install simplejson
venv/bin/easy_install docutils
venv/bin/easy_install lxml
venv/bin/easy_install twisted
venv/bin/easy_install logilab-common
venv/bin/easy_install logilab-database
venv/bin/easy_install constraint
venv/bin/easy_install logilab-mtconverter
venv/bin/easy_install rql
venv/bin/easy_install yams
venv/bin/easy_install indexer
venv/bin/easy_install passlib
venv/bin/easy_install pyro
venv/bin/easy_install psycopg2
# plpythonu
venv/bin/easy_install fyzz
venv/bin/easy_install cubicweb

The output for cubicweb is:
$ venv/bin/easy_install cubicweb
Searching for cubicweb
Best match: cubicweb 3.15.6
Processing cubicweb-3.15.6-py2.6.egg
cubicweb 3.15.6 is already the active version in easy-install.pth
Installing cubicweb-ctl script to /home/yc176684/cubicweb/venv/bin

Processing dependencies for cubicweb
Searching for rql>=0.31.2
Reading http://pypi.python.org/simple/rql/
Reading http://www.logilab.org/project/rql
No local packages or download links found for rql>=0.31.2
error: Could not find suitable distribution for

The output for rql is:
$ venv/bin/easy_install rql
Searching for rql
Best match: rql 0.31.0
Processing rql-0.31.0-py2.6-linux-x86_64.egg
rql 0.31.0 is already the active version in easy-install.pth

Processing dependencies for rql
Finished processing dependencies for rql

Best regards,

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