[Cubicweb] Are there tools in CubicWeb to build a wiki?

Nicolas Chauvat nicolas.chauvat at logilab.fr
Tue Nov 30 00:24:47 CET 2010

Hi John,

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 10:20:04PM +0000, Fletcher, John P wrote:

> I would like to use CubicWeb to build a wiki with links between the
> pages, and also be able to specify the nature of relationships, as
> is done in SemanticMediaWiki.
> Is that possible with the present set of tools, or is it necessary to build some new one?

There is cubicweb-card that will allow you to create pages that have a
wikiid. These wikiid can be used as url/identifiers.

For example, a card with a wikiid 'myindex', will be accessible at the
url http://mysite.org/card/myindex.

There is no custom parser that would allow you to create relationships
by inserting some special tag in your text.

CubicWeb, like Python, has a crush on restructuredtext, which was
designed to be extensible.

To do what you describe, I would start with rst's text roles and see
how far it gets me http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/howto/rst-roles.html

The idea would be that a hook parses the text, extracts the roles and
creates/updates/deletes the relationships.

It will probably be a fun thing to do... keep us informed of your
progress :)

Nicolas Chauvat

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