[Cubicweb] Forge/Tracker some doubts about validations

Carlos Balderas carlos.balderas at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 00:00:45 CET 2010

We use starting_date value for burndown of this type:
Here is a little example:

  + The Mean is the mathematical average of the duration needed for each
work item within the Version.
  + The UCL is extended timescales calculated against the longest time an
item of work will take.
  + The LCL is compressed timescales calculated against the least time an
item of work will take.
  + The Done "would" be the real work done time by time.

In this last plot ("Done") I would like to ask if it is possible to think in
a feature like this in forge cube, since it might no be a very general
feature, I don't know (?), what do you think?

If you would like to have this kind of burndown chart in forge cube, we will
be happy to integrate this to forge and send you the mercurial bundles,  we
just need to figure it out how to solve the "done" plot.

* We also found common needs in forge's tickets, (in case this tickets are
accepted of course)


If you like, We can work on them so we don't duplicate efforts.

We are also making an agiledevelopment cube that will be public as soon as
possible, the idea is to integrate: scrum, xp, kanban at least, so we can
let the person choose the one he likes or requires to manage his project.
We let you know about this, due this cube uses forge cube, and you might
have some benefits from it, we'll let you know when it is available in our
hg repo.
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