[Cubicweb] Apycot installation and configuration

Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Thu Nov 4 08:28:06 CET 2010

On 04 novembre 00:40, Carlos Balderas wrote:
> Hello everyone.

Hey Carlos,
> I hope here is the right mailing list to ask questions about apycot project.

It is, we've nothing beter than here yet.
> I am installing apycot, for now, I am making a little test for a cube,
> before discovering more apycot features and I am having a little bit of
> trouble to get going.
> These are the report views I have in my instance:

let's resume it as 'one waiting execution plan', right ?
> I am a little stuck here.
> * How do I complete the configuration to run the tests?

I can't tell like that, let's see if I can help below.

> * How do I let apycot know what unittest files to run?.

unittest test actions (eg pyunit/pytest) are looking for a "test" or "tests"
directory in the tested environment and then run every test discovered in there.
> Here are the steps I followed to run apycot.
> 1. - Create apycot instance.
> 2.-  Create links to _apycotlib and _narvalbot where PYTHONPATH can see them

that should not be necessary. Also, it may be a good idea to install them
from debian packages.

> 3. - Set pyro-server=yes in all-in-one.conf file
> 4.-  Run pyro-ns start command

you can also run "pyro-nsd start" so it'll run as a daemon, but that won't
change anything else.

> 5.-  Go to cubes/narval/bin/ and run python narval start
> 6.-  Run the apycot instance
> 7.-  Go to botstatus view and see the messages:
>       Process manager status
>       Bot is up and available.
>       No running plan.

Fine. So your instance seems to be able to speak to your bot.
Now you should check the opposite is possible as well.

First check both are properly registered in the pyro name server by running

  pyro-nsc listall

You should see your instance as 'cubicweb:...' and the bot as 'narval:...'.

If you've not changed the narval user password in your cw instance, the bot
should  be able to connect to it without anything. Though it can still be 
a good idea to have

[syt at scorpius ~]$ cat ~/etc/narval-cw-sources.ini 

in your ~/etc (narval from hg) or in /etc (narval from debian package). This 
allows arbitrary password (it's recommended to change the default one), and
also have the nice effect that when your bot will be (re)started, it will connect
to each instance listed in this file to search for pending plans.

> 8.-  Create Project Environment and add the mercurial repository to be
> tested.
>        Configuration values are:
>        * configuration    no value specified
>        * environment variables    no value specified
>        * vcs path    <not specified>
>        * vcs repository
> mercurial:/home/carlos/src/fcubicweb_310/cubes/calendarf
>        * refinement of environment    <not specified>

you're really using latest apycot, right?

see: http://www.logilab.org/projectenvironment/PYTHON%20PACKAGE%20ENV,
you should at least have install=python_setup in configuration.

then see http://www.logilab.org/projectenvironment/common%20env
you should at least have a proper repository, eg, specifying its *path*
if it's a local repository, as it seems to be your case, or its *source url*
if it's an http repository (recommanded, it will handle a local cache anyway).

If the repository is correctly configured, you should see that its files and 
revisions get's imported in cw.

> 9.-  Add a test configuration for the environment
>       label  <not specified>
>       start mode    manual
>       start dependants environments' tests    no value specified
>       configuration    no value specified
>       environment variables    no value specified
>       use recipe    apycot.recipe.quick
>       refinement of configuration    <not specified>
>       environment
>       calendaf project env
> I would like to make one comment in this step, start mode always display
> "manual", does not matter the real start mode value chosen.
> In my case I chose "hourly".

weird. If you have this pb on apycot tip, would you file a ticket please.
> 10.- Go to project environment and see the test configuration is related.
> Then click on start test button and I got the messages:
> plan(s) queued
> 11.- Check the report views:

the problem is much probably in the cw instance <-> bot communication.
Once you've a narval-cw-sources.ini file, restart your narval bot.
As it will try to connect to the cw instance, you should see more things
here (think to start it in debug mode with -D option).

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