[Cubicweb] ERROR: no db-init command

Florent Cayré florent at secondweb.fr
Mon Nov 15 23:47:47 CET 2010

Hi all,

I installed CW 3.9.5-1 from source and maybe forgot to update a CW
dependency, and now when I try 'cubicweb-ctl db-create MY_INSTANCE', I
get the traceback below.
I tried 'from cubicweb.devtools import devctl' in a python shell and no errors.

Thanks for your help.


$ cubicweb-ctl db-create orangerockdev
DeprecationWarning: use cls.register(cli)

Creating the system database
Database orangerockdev already exists -- do you want to drop it ? [Y/n]:
-> database orangerockdev created.
pg_ts_dict already present, do not execute tsearch2.sql
plpythonu language installed
plpgsql language installed
-> database for instance orangerockdev created and necessary
extensions installed.

Run db-init to initialize the system database ? [Y/n]:

Initializing the system database
/home/swadmin/orangerock/yams/buildobjs.py:330: DeprecationWarning:
Image has been renamed to File, please update your code
  rdef._add_relations(defined, schema)
-> creating tables  [....................]
-> inserting default user and default groups.
DeprecationWarning: moved to cubicweb.mail
  from cubicweb.common.mail import HtmlEmail
-> installing /home/swadmin/orangerock/cubicweb/schemas/_regproc.postgres.sql
DeprecationWarning: [3.5] use create_entity
-> storing the schema in the database  [..                  ]ERROR: no
db-init command

usage: cubicweb-ctl <command> [options] <command argument>...

The CubicWeb swiss-knife.

Type "cubicweb-ctl <command> --help" for more information about a specific
    command. Available commands are :

  check-mapping    Check content of the mapping file of an external source
  create           Create an instance from a cube
  db-check         Check integrity of the system database of an instance
  db-copy          Copy the system database of an instance (backup and restore)
  db-create        Create the system database of an instance (run
after 'create')
  db-dump          Backup the system database of an instance
  db-grant-user    Grant a database user on a repository system database
  db-init          Initialize the system database of an instance (run
after 'db-create')
  db-rebuild-fti   Rebuild the full-text index of the system database
of an instance
  db-restore       Restore the system database of an instance
  delete           Delete an instance
  exlog            Examine a rql log file
  i18ncube         Update i18n catalogs for cubes
  i18ncubicweb     Update i18n catalogs for cubicweb library
  i18ninstance     Recompile i18n catalogs for instances
  list             List configurations, cubes and instances
  newcube          Create a new cube
  newgapp          Create a new google appengine instance
  qunit-html       Generate a QUnit html file to see test in your browser
  reload           Reload the given instances
  reset-admin-pwd  Reset the administrator password
  restart          Restart the given instances
  schema           Generate schema image for the given cube
  schema-sync      Synchronize persistent schema with cube schema
  shell            Run an interactive migration shell on an instance
  start            Start the given instances
  start-repository Start an CubicWeb RQL server for a given instance
  status           Display status information about the given instances
  stop             Stop the given instances
  upgrade          Upgrade an instance after cubicweb and/or
component(s) upgrade
cubicweb-ctl -h/--help
      display this usage information and exit
cubicweb-ctl -v/--version
      display version configuration and exit

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