[Cubicweb] Forge/Tracker some doubts about validations

Nicolas Chauvat nicolas.chauvat at logilab.fr
Mon Nov 1 12:13:00 CET 2010


On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 03:01:19PM -0500, Carlos Balderas wrote:
> * load_left attribute can be greater than load attribute in *ticket* entity.

The reasonning is that "load" is the load planned before starting the
work. Load_left is the estimated load left last time the ticket was

You can start something saying "it will take me 3 days", then work one
day and realize you were wrong and will need another 4 days.

The question is being asked so often, though, that I am wondering
whether we should keep that feature for own private trackers or not.

> * starting_date attribute can be greater than prevision_date attribute in *
> version* entity.

You can plan to deliver on october 1st and actually start late... even
after the date you had planned to deliver on.

    starting_date   = Date(description=_('estimated starting date'))
    prevision_date   = Date(description=_('estimated publication
    publication_date = Date(description=_('actual publication date'))

> Is this allowed intentionally for some reason?

The way many issue trackers handle this is that each time you change
the value of an attribute, a comment is added. The list of all the
comments attached to a ticket then serves has an audit trail.

Do we have many people that think we should do it the way other
trackers do it ?

Nicolas Chauvat

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