[Cubicweb] some cubicweb goals for 2010

Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Mon Apr 26 10:32:53 CEST 2010

On 25 avril 22:40, Florent Cayré wrote:
> What comes to mind right now is :
> * improve the ORM : I really like the combination of the ORM +
> fetch_attrs, fetch_order to get pre-completed and ordered entities but
> it is currently a bit limited by the performance penalty of code like
> : entities = [r.attribute for r in entity.relation[0].other_relation
> if r.other_attribute > 10] ; I really liked django ORM in such cases,
> and the power of RQL would make it even more interesting ; the
> presence of a "all_attrs" fetch_attr helper would be appreciated also.

I don't get the all_attrs thing. Could you explain a bit more? 

Regarding ORM improvments, the pb is that we've no way to now
what to you intend to do when you access entity.relation. Getting
this would requires advanced magic tricks or new apis. Also, have
you mesured performance penalty ?

> * build a rock solid (i.e. tested), multi-layered (with public APIs)
> javascript library ; everything is almost there, we just need to
> reorganize code with the ability to overload user level behaviours in
> mind (form error handling, ajax event binding, js callbacks, etc.) ; I
> know next sprint is just about it, so I have no doubt CW will achieve
> these requirements soon ;

Yes we intend to work on this during the sprint starting at the end
of the week. Since you seems to have some ideas about the topic, 
I hope you'll be there !
> * persistent session data to ease production maintainance without
> downtime (and perhaps mixed inmemory/ persistent session data
> management?) ;

Could you submit a ticket?
> * advanced fulltext search capabilities : make it easy to use the
> complete set of db-backend fulltext search functionalities (words
> choices / request parsing, fuzzy search, ...?) ;

I definitly want improvments in this area, but this is somewhat
> * even more form functionalities (client-side validation, better
> constraints error handling, ability to more easily inline a non
> mandatory attribute of a related entity -typical usage : a photo -as
> an Image typed entity- in a user's profile form, easier label
> customization for inlined forms -depending on parent's form-, other
> form renderers -a no table one for example-, more accessible widgets
> -radio, checkbox-), although the > 3.6 form library is really awesome
> ;

This should improve step by step. Add ticket for each improvment you
can see please.
> * more cubes : external authentication (aiming openid, fbconnect,
> etc.), forums, e-commerce, CMS, monitoring (munin / cacti / nagios),
> photo / video sharing, etc.

We should hire more people :p This is the kind of things that will
be driven by customer needs and external contribution. However:

* we plan to have openid or such soon. Also since 3.6 we've a new
  pluggable authentication system that allow to write plugins to
  authenticated in various way (used by the rememberme cube)

* Arthur and David started some things to monitor cubicweb instances
  using munin

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