[Cubicweb] some cubicweb goals for 2010

Florent Cayré florent at secondweb.fr
Sun Apr 25 22:40:13 CEST 2010

Hi Sylvain,

first, thanks for making it easy for the CW user community to give
some ideas and share the way they use CW and take their needs into

What comes to mind right now is :

* improve the ORM : I really like the combination of the ORM +
fetch_attrs, fetch_order to get pre-completed and ordered entities but
it is currently a bit limited by the performance penalty of code like
: entities = [r.attribute for r in entity.relation[0].other_relation
if r.other_attribute > 10] ; I really liked django ORM in such cases,
and the power of RQL would make it even more interesting ; the
presence of a "all_attrs" fetch_attr helper would be appreciated also.

* build a rock solid (i.e. tested), multi-layered (with public APIs)
javascript library ; everything is almost there, we just need to
reorganize code with the ability to overload user level behaviours in
mind (form error handling, ajax event binding, js callbacks, etc.) ; I
know next sprint is just about it, so I have no doubt CW will achieve
these requirements soon ;

* persistent session data to ease production maintainance without
downtime (and perhaps mixed inmemory/ persistent session data
management?) ;

* advanced fulltext search capabilities : make it easy to use the
complete set of db-backend fulltext search functionalities (words
choices / request parsing, fuzzy search, ...?) ;

* even more form functionalities (client-side validation, better
constraints error handling, ability to more easily inline a non
mandatory attribute of a related entity -typical usage : a photo -as
an Image typed entity- in a user's profile form, easier label
customization for inlined forms -depending on parent's form-, other
form renderers -a no table one for example-, more accessible widgets
-radio, checkbox-), although the > 3.6 form library is really awesome

* more cubes : external authentication (aiming openid, fbconnect,
etc.), forums, e-commerce, CMS, monitoring (munin / cacti / nagios),
photo / video sharing, etc.

Not sure this contains new ideas, but just in case.

Le 23 avril 2010 18:10, Aurélien Campeas <aurelien.campeas at logilab.fr> a écrit :
> Le mercredi 21 avril 2010 à 18:38 +0200, Sylvain Thénault a écrit :
>> Hi there,
> Hi,
>> so that we can discuss about it, or you can tell me if you see
>> stuff missing that's important in your opinion, here is a list
>> of things we would like to acheive before the end of the year
>> in the cubicweb framework...
>> * refactorings, api cleanups (by order of priority):
>>   - adapters instead of interfaces implemented on entities (probably
>>     not using ZCA though, likely vreg based)
>>   - proper cube layout (rename schema into model, move postcreate file, etc)
> I'd prefer keeping schema as the model as a whole includes entity
> classes and hooks (AFAIUI).
>>   - hooks and entities api cleanup
> more to come for hooks ?
>>   - view/component/actions unification
>>   - new input/output url system
> does that mean urlrewrite/routing ?
>> I've detailed in a previous mail most of the refactoring above.
>> * enhancements (by order of priority)
>>   - ease customization of the display (implies css/js handling refactoring and more)
>>   - base for collaborative edition (being at least warned when 2 people edit the same entity)
>>   - authentication, sso (using one of kerberos / foaf+ssl / openid)
>>   - define a standard library
>>   - ease integration of external data (see nico's datafeed cube)
>>   - simple versioning: being able to put the content of an arbitrary entity under version control
>>     (using an attribute storage?)
>>   - versioning simple : pouvoir mettre le contenu d'une entité sous controle de version
>>   - content negociation for semantic web
>>   - enhanced text search (relevance sorting, nicer display of large results)
>> Tell me what you think about that, missing point, bad priority, whatever...
>> Of course this is not an exhaustive list and that doesn't mean we won't do
>> anything else that's not listed here :)
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