[Cubicweb] CW app distribution with a not brand new cw version

Florent Cayré florent at secondweb.fr
Mon Apr 19 10:39:01 CEST 2010

Hi there,

the high rate of cubicweb versions delivery raises a problem : how to
distribute an application that uses not the latest logilab debian repo
published cw version, but say, the latest of the 3.6 series ?

Until now I was very happy to tell my customers they could install my
applications using a very simple "apt-get install cubicweb-MYCUBE" command,
but apt will fetch the latest cw version, ignoring dependency instructions
like "Depends: cubicweb-common (= 3.6.3-1)" present in my application's
debian control file. The only solution I found is to ask the customer to
specify ALL cw and related packages versions (logilab-common, rql, indexer,
yams, etc.) but the corresponding apt-get command becomes ugly. Is there
something I miss regarding apt-get usage? I am aware of pinning
capabilities, but can not figure out how it could help in this situation
(first requirement being the solution must be simpler than specifying all
package versions on the apt-get command line).

Once installed, this is no more a problem because upgrading your application
does not imply upgrading cw as well. Note however that the customer can not
"apt-get dist-upgrade" either. Is the only solution to this (more debian-
than cubicweb- related) problem to have all needed cw packages in the same
debian repo than the application itself? If so, is there a simple solution
to distribute them myself without rebuilding them all (I use logilab debian
dedicated tools)?

Thanks for your help.

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