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Le Saturday 28 February 2009 00:43:45 Didrik Pinte, vous avez écrit :
> Hi guys,


> I'm trying to get a running instance of apycot. I've seen the new
> cubicweb-apycot and apycotbot in the debian repositories. There seem to
> be nothing in /usr/share/doc/cubicweb-apycot
> and /usr/share/doc/apycotbot. I have seen this ticket that could
> interest me : http://www.logilab.org/ticket/5265
> Is there any howto or configuration doc I can find to know how to get
> cubicweb and apycot running correctly  ?

well unfortunatly there is almost no doc at all for apycot yet. You should 
refer to the cubicweb book (www.cubicweb.org) for the installation of the 
cubicweb framework.

Then you should create an instance using the apycot cube, eg:

  cubiweb-ctl create apycot apycot

Once this is done, start it

  cubicweb-ctl start apycot

You should now be able to connect using your web browser to the instance, and 
to create ProjectApycotConfig, ApycotConfigGroup entities to configure stuff 
you want to test (You'll probably need more info here, don't hesitate to ask 
until we're able to provide some documentation)

Now start the apycot bot

  /etc/init.d/apycotbot start

 And you should now be able to start task, for instance if you've added a 
configuration named 'myproject', you can start test for it using

  apycotclient start myproject

Hope that helps. One more time, don't hesitate to ask for more information 
since I know those are very rough indication... Hopefuly it should be better 
in a near future once apycot has stabilized.
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