[Cubicweb] cubes does not show in list

Aurélien Campéas aurelien.campeas at free.fr
Mon Jul 13 13:42:17 CEST 2009


Le 11/07/09 21:46, Dhaval Sharma a écrit :
> I have created a rosecube after much struggle with your installation.

We agree that the installation procedure needs polish ...

> And now when i want to view it in list this is the error it shows. Can
> you help?

Let's try.

> dhaval at ubuntu:~/working/playcubic/cubes/rosecube$ cubicweb-ctl list
> /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/cubicweb/utils.py:11:
> DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead
>    from md5 import md5
> /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/constraint-0.4.0-py2.6.egg/logilab/constraint/propagation.py:23:
> UserWarning: Psyco could not be loaded. Psyco is a Python just in time
> compiler available at http://psyco.sf.net Installing it will enhance the
> performance of logilab.constraint
> ERROR:cubicweb.configuration:while loading cube rosecube
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/cubicweb/cwconfig.py",
> line 394, in load_cwctl_plugins
>      __import__('cubes.%s' % cube)
> ImportError: No module named cubes.rosecube
> CubicWeb version: 3.3.2
> Detected mode: installed

I am unfortunately not familiar with the installed mode (developping 
apps in dev mode all the time). There might be gotchas related to 
installed mode that I am not aware of (like specific environment variables).

However what fails there is an __import__ call, and this typically 
happens because :

* you lack a proper __init__.py file in your personal cubes directory

* a syntax error in rosecube (unlikely if you just newcube'd it)

You could check in a python interpreter

 >>> from cubes import rosecube

that it's properly accessible.

Tell us if that's not enough.


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