please review '[server.source.native] exceptions should never pass silently'

Nicola Spanti nicola.spanti at
Wed Jan 8 17:29:46 CET 2020

$ hg paths
default = ssh://
nchauvat =
$ hg pull nchauvat
$ hg log --hidden -r 56039b68c449
abandon : unknown revision '56039b68c449' !

I guess this commit never existed, maybe a copy/paste error. Contrary to 
git, hg remembers rewritten changeset and can give the hash of the new 
one, so it looks strange to me.

Le 08/01/2020 à 16:43, Laurent Peuch a écrit :
> On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 12:04:26PM +0100, Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 05:46:46AM +0100, Laurent Peuch wrote:
>>> LGTM but we might want to add the traceback here, from my experience
>>> when you actually wants to fix the bug, the exception alone is rarely
>>> enough.
>> Would
>> be better ?
> I got "filtered revision '56039b68c449' (not in 'served' subset)" when
> looking at the link, have you maybe rewrite this changeset?
>> I tried to limit the traceback to 2 frames to avoid flooding the logs.
>> Do you know of a better way to write this ? I do not like that much
>> the fact that I used a StringIO in there.
>> -- 
>> Nicolas Chauvat
>> - services en informatique scientifique et gestion de connaissances

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