[PATCH seda] [doc] Add some comment giving details about LCSV_FILES

Sylvain Thenault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Tue Dec 12 18:26:30 CET 2017

# HG changeset patch
# User Sylvain Thénault <sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr>
# Date 1513097738 -3600
#      Tue Dec 12 17:55:38 2017 +0100
# Node ID ae3705aa2ba756e131eba977ffd12cfcf77da8da
# Parent  5205b3490f1c207a6f677d781253ff76b0567dd0
# Available At https://hg.logilab.org/review/cubes/seda
#              hg pull https://hg.logilab.org/review/cubes/seda -r ae3705aa2ba7
[doc] Add some comment giving details about LCSV_FILES

diff --git a/cubicweb_seda/dataimport.py b/cubicweb_seda/dataimport.py
--- a/cubicweb_seda/dataimport.py
+++ b/cubicweb_seda/dataimport.py
@@ -27,11 +27,14 @@ from cubicweb.server.checkintegrity impo
 from cubicweb.dataimport.stores import NoHookRQLObjectStore
 from cubicweb.dataimport.importer import SimpleImportLog
 from cubes.skos import lcsv, sobjects as skos
+# If you want to add a vocabulary here, add it to the end of the list if you
+# want to create it in migration script by simply calling import_seda_schemes
+# for proper interaction with saem which attempt to allocate reproducible ARK
+# identifier to them.
 LCSV_FILES = [(title, rtype, etype,
                join(abspath(dirname(__file__)), 'migration', 'data', fname))
               for title, rtype, etype, fname in (
     # schemes extracted from SEDA 2 XSD
     (u'SEDA 2 : Actions',

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