[Cubicweb] [RFC] folding yams, rql and logilab-database into the cubicweb repository

Christophe de Vienne christophe at unlish.com
Wed Mar 16 20:59:51 CET 2016

Le 16/03/2016 17:21, Julien Cristau a écrit :
> Hi Christophe, and thanks for your feedback!
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 17:13:29 +0100, Christophe de Vienne wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am all for merging lgdb and even yams into cubicweb, but would prefer
>> RQL to remain a separate module.
>> This is because I already use it in a POC-project that aim to produce a
>> RQL engine on top of sqlalchemy [1].
> One difficulty there is that RQL depends on logilab-database (for the
> function registry bits).  So that would require some surgery.

>From what I can see in the source code, doing so would make things a lot
cleaner (hello monkey patches).

But more importantly (to me), it would make rql more usable for other
implementations which would have problems, currently, to provide their
own functions. Would help me for ERAlchemy.

I think this "surgery" is required, even if merging rql into cubicweb
(which I would prefer not).


Christophe de Vienne
Co-fondateur http://unli.sh

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