[Cubicweb] Mercurial branches for CubicWeb

Denis Laxalde denis.laxalde at logilab.fr
Fri Jun 24 10:18:10 CEST 2016


For quite some time now, we have to handle multiple release "branches" 
in CubicWeb, namely versions 3.22, 3.21, 3.20 (and perhaps 3.19). 
Currently this is handled using only the "default" branch in the 
mercurial repository with bookmarks pointing to the latest changeset of 
each release development line. Historically we also had other named 
branches "stable" and "oldstable" but these are not used anymore.

I think the current situation with bookmarks at least suboptimal 
(bookmarks are tedious to handle in many situations be this from the 
developer point of view as from automated tools, like CI, point of 
view). I would thus like to propose moving back to named branches for 
CubicWeb. However, in the situation where we have to handle many release 
branches (more than two) simultaneously, it seems to me that the 
"default/stable" branch model is not suitable. So I'd rather go towards 
branches named after the version number (namely 3.22 branch, 3.21 
branch, soon 3.23 branch, etc.) with the "default" branch being the 
development line of the next release. Of course, we'd get rid of bookmarks.

Does anyone see any drawbacks to this idea?

Denis Laxalde
Logilab         http://www.logilab.fr

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