[Cubicweb] Restructure the documentation

Christophe de Vienne christophe at unlish.com
Thu Jan 8 23:35:23 CET 2015

Hi everyone,

At the copil today, we had a quick chat on the documentation structure.

To illustrate what I have in mind, I started to do it in a few patches,
which includes a start of an API documentation.

See https://www.cubicweb.org/ticket/4832808 and the related patches (on
the cubicweb-3.20 bookmark).

I think a first acceptable and publishable result can be obtained with a
few hours of work from a few people who carefully check that everything
is back somewhere in the new structure.

I would like to have your feeling about this proposition, and know if we
can make this happen soon, at least with the main modules documented.



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