[Cubicweb] Dataimport

Antoine Grigis antoine.grigis at cea.fr
Fri Dec 4 13:44:35 CET 2015

I noticed a change in the 'dataimport' module between CubicWeb (CW) 
3.19.6 and CW 3.20.9.
The '_create_copyfrom_buffer' function has been refactored and the 
default return case removed.
In the former version, the function default returned code was 'None'.
This is catched in both CW versions by the '_execmany_thread_copy_from' 
function in order to execute thread without 'copy from' tabular data 

Thus in CW 3.20.9 inserting a 'Binray' entity field through the 
'SQLGenObjectStore' raises an Exception.

Is it a normal behavior? Is it still possible to insert a 'Binary' field 
using a store and a schema with inlined relations?



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