[Cubicweb] ANN: pandaSDMX 0.2.0 - a tool to retrieve and acquire statistical data and metadata in SDMX format

Dr. Leo fhaxbox66 at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 14 12:28:37 CEST 2015


I thought this package might be of interest to the Cubicweb community:

Documentation including code examples: http://pandasdmx.readthedocs.org

I would love to see a webapp for SDMX data and metadata in Python.



What it is:

A Python- and pandas-powered client for Statistical Data and Metadata

pandaSDMX is an Apache 2.0-licensed
 package aimed at becoming the most intuitive and versatile tool to
retrieve and acquire statistical data and metadata disseminated in
SDMX (www.sdmx.org)
 format. It should work with all+ SDMX data providers supporting SDMX
2.1. Currently the only known SDMX 2.1-compliant providers are the
European statistics
office (Eurostat), and the European Central Bank (ECB). Both offer
hundreds of thousands of indicators.

While pandaSDMX is extensible to cater any output
format, it currently supports only
pandas, the gold-standard of data analysis in Python. But from pandas
you can export your data to Excel and friends.

Main features
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• intuitive API inspired by
• support for many SDMX features including
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◦ generic datasets
◦ data structure definitions, codelists and concept schemes
◦ dataflow definitions
◦ categorisations and category schemes
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• pythonic representation of the SDMX information model
• find dataflows by name or description in multiple languages if available
• read and write local files for offline use
• writer transforming SDMX generic datasets into multi-indexed pandas
DataFrames or Series of observations and attributes
• extensible through custom readers and writers for alternative input
and output formats of data and metadata

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