[Cubicweb] meeting with Paul Everitt "a Pyramid guy" on July 31st 2014 at Logilab

Adrien Di Mascio adrien.dimascio at logilab.fr
Mon Jul 28 19:03:58 CEST 2014

Hi everyone,

Le 28/07/2014 16:50, Christophe de Vienne a écrit :
>>> Note that it does'nt mean we remove the cubicweb registry for view
>>> selection in general (yet), just that we can bypass it for the
>>> top-level view.

I'd like to hear what there is behind "(yet)" in the statement above. 
Maybe thursday ?

> I have a feeling that this particular subject is almost a bonus for
> thursday. I would like to work on it asap (I did since the beginning of
> this experiment), but I know other things needs to be done first.

I haven't followed closely the "cubicweb on pyramid" but this specific 
point looks peripheral to me.

> That said, I would like to know logilab developers expectations about
> this day (mine is to validate the path we are taking and agree on a
> roadmap).

The idea is to remove from cubicweb what is done better elsewhere and to 
benefit from external modules, plugins, middlewares, whatever.

You thought Pyramid was a good choice and I also believe it is. My 
initial questions were :

- would that offer a better authentication API, would be benefit
   from pyramid external authentication plugins for free ?

- would that offer "persitent sessions" for free ?

- would that offer better caching ?

- would that provide nicer routes ?

- how does it handle content-negotiation ?

- could we easily  implement the "debugconsole" prototype / hack we
   wrote two years ago using the pyramid debug toolbar ?

- how would "cubes" be handled ?

- how does pyramid handle resources (javascripts / css / images) ? Does
   it provide helpers and workflows to use tools such as webasset or any
   node-based solutions to optimize resources ?

- should we provide a cubicweb scaffold or should we just "wrap" an
   existing cubicweb repository instance ?

I know that some of those points have been discussed on the mailing-list 
but I couldn't take the necessary time to dive into this.

Thus what I expect is basically answers to (some of) those questions. 
I'm not sure one day is enough to talk seriously about everything but we 
could at least start the day with :

- a short introduction to what Pyramid is (isn't) by Paul,
- a summary of your (Christophe) current work on the subject,
- try to agree on a sensible path to continue the ongoing effort,
- and hopefully hack a bit and make sure we can start some of
   our instances with pyramid_cubicweb ?

If everything above is crystal clear for everyone, I promise I'll try to 
read as much documentation as possible before thursday :-). Any other 
suggestions ?

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