[Cubicweb] meeting with Paul Everitt "a Pyramid guy" on July 31st 2014 at Logilab

Christophe de Vienne christophe at unlish.com
Thu Jul 17 22:43:59 CEST 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm very happy that this meeting can take place so soon after the 
beginning of our experimentation with pyramid and cubicweb. Thanks 
Logilab for supporting this initiative!

To help deciding on what we should spend this day, below are the things 
we need for the prototype to become an official part of the next cubicweb.

  * Finish what has been started :
      o Bypass totally CubicWebPublisher
      o Carefully check that all the errors are properly handled
      o Use error views of cubicweb in pyramid error handlers
      o Provide sane defaults for the application configuration so the
        default behavior is very close to what cubicweb. Here I am
        mainly thinking of the authentication policy(ies).
      o Test the prototype with existing cubes: we want full
        compatibility (except for authentication)
  * Transform the prototype into a cubicweb patch
  * Probably add pyramid 1.5+ to wheezy-backports, unless we decide to
    base our work on v1.4.x.
  * Eventually, drop the twisted and wsgi handlers and their dependencies.

Other things that needs care :

  * Decide what else can be done without modifying cubicweb too much,
    like reimplementing the static content controller
  * Decide how we expose the pyramid API to the cubes.
  * See if we can (and I think we can) use cubicweb predicates and
    resource locator to have pyramid route the request directly to the
    right cubicweb view. We may even be able to make the cubicweb
    maintemplate into a pyramid renderer.
  * Get an idea of what can be re-done the "pyramid way", at what cost,
    and choose the next subjects. I think most of the general ideas were
    already listed in my previous emails.

+1 for a bit of training for developers who may contribute. The more we 
are to code the better (we want more sprints!!)

-1 for the javascript subject outside of a few quick talks : one day is 
short and we should focus on the pyramid subject if we want to get 
results shortly.

What I would love, at the end of the day, is to have a 2-3 month roadmap 
to a pyramid-based version of cubicweb in the wild.



Le 16/07/2014 16:41, Nicolas Chauvat a écrit :
> Hi List,
> Logilab will welcome Paul Everitt [1] on July 31st 2014 in its offices
> in Paris. The idea is to spend the day hacking on an implementation of
> CubicWeb based on Pyramid.
> If you are interested, you are welcome to join us, just reply to this
> invitation to say you want to come (no fees involved, Logilab is
> taking care of Paul's invoice).
> The exact plan for the day is left for you to discuss here with
> Paul. He offered to mix training and consulting about Pyramid, with
> maybe a bit of how he uses javascript for the frontend.
> I am happy that we managed to set this up[2] and that Christophe and
> Aurélien made progress yesterday on the pyramid+cubicweb prototype[3].
> Join us for that hackathon and let's see how far we can get with this!
> Notes:
> [1] https://agendaless.com/people
> [2] Paul lives in the US and will use one day of his vacation in
> France to come work with us. With everyone coming and going, it has
> been difficult to find a day when most people involved could be in the
> same room.
> [3] http://hg.logilab.org/review/pyramid_cubicweb/

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