[Cubicweb] Apache + CubicWeb + LDAP: authentication error

Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos dimitri.papadopoulos at cea.fr
Thu Jan 30 15:13:59 CET 2014

Hi Julien,

Indeed the parser was not set and setting it to 'ldapfeed' does help.

I now see messages such as:

(cubicweb.sources.Imagen) INFO: pulling data from ldap://
(cubicweb.appobject) DEBUG: processing ldapfeed source <Imagen
LDAPFeedSource source 2224 @0x439d350>
(cubicweb.sources.Imagen) DEBUG: ldap search Imagen
ou=People,dc=example,dc=com 2
(&(objectClass=top)(objectClass=posixAccount)) ['dn', 'uid', 'mail',
'userPassword', 'givenName', 'modifyTimestamp', 'sn']
(cubicweb.sources.Imagen) INFO: connecting ldap:// as
(cubicweb.sources.Imagen) DEBUG: ldap built results 4

After that the CubicWeb CWuser database apears populated and I am
automatically logged in CubicWeb after Apache authentication.

Thank you!

Should I open a ticket to:

* improve the documentation by adding a paragraph on "parser"?

* have "parser" automatically set to a value that make sense for a given
"type" of source?

By the way, one nice thing with this setup is that Apache won't let the
"admin" user connect to CubicWeb if the user is not in LDAP. That was a
request from our security guys.

Le 30/01/2014 12:00, Julien Cristau a écrit :
> [...]
> What's the 'parser' attribute for your source?  I believe it needs to be
> set to 'ldapfeed'.
> [...]

Dimitri Papadopoulos
I2BM, NeuroSpin

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