[Cubicweb] Bug in table view

Lourdes Campos luycampos2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 23:36:10 CET 2014

Hi list,

I'm Lourdes from Mexico.

Please can you help me?. I think we have a bug in the 'table' view.


While using pagination within a “table” view, the customization (render) of
a view is lost.


If you're in a instance of timesheet cube, and put:


In the “CWEType is object of:” section, I see the next information:

[image: Imagen integrada 1]

but, if I go to next page, I see other information:

[image: Imagen integrada 2]


The parameter of the view are missing. At first time we have:

headers=[u'name', u'subject type', u'cardinality', u'constraints',
u'options'], displaycols=None, cellvids={0: 'rdef-object-name-cell', 2:
'etype-rel-cardinality-cell', 3: 'rdef-constraints-cell', 4:
'rdef-options-cell'}, paginate=None, kwargs={}

But, at the next page it changes to:

headers=None, displaycols=None, cellvids=None, paginate=None, kwargs={}

Given this information, I can't see the columns rendering , and showing
original recordset format's.

I get the same at any 'table' view to paginating.

Please, if you don't have time to solve this bug, maybe you can tell me
which component may I look to try to solve this, and of course, I will
notify you in case I fix something, to pass your evaluation and

NOTE: The params was evaluated in the 'RsetTableView' class, in the 'call'

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