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Wed Feb 12 22:58:44 CET 2014

2014-02-12 16:55 GMT+01:00 Sylvain Thénault <sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr>:

> On 12 février 16:25, Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 03:51:36PM +0100, Aurélien Campéas wrote:
> > > `cwuri`
> > >   Reference URL of the entity, which is not expected to change.
> >
> > CWURI was introduced during a sprint back in 2009. Another object born at
> > about the same time is ExternalUri (see cube datafeed).

What's their relationship ?

> >
> > The goal was more or less to handle local copies of remote data, while
> > keeping the "true" location of these copied objects, in order for
> > example to be able to refresh the data regurlarly.
> >

Can you elaborate ?

> > Hence, the fact that when creating new objects in the database, you
> > initialize their cwuri to something like base_url+xyz is not the key
> > point.
> >
> > Remark: please let us keep in mind that URIs *are* the global unique
> > keys of the distributed database that is called the web of data. Easy
> > manipulation of URIs is a required feature for CubicWeb to be called a
> > *semantic* web framework. But maybe there is a better solution than
> > cwuri...
> there has been some discussion about that on the list, though unfortunatly
> google doesn't seems to index the whole archive list.
> http://lists.cubicweb.org/pipermail/cubicweb/2010-January/000161.html may
> be of
> interest.
> Anyway I agree cwuri is currently far from satisfying. We should define
> what we
> expect/nee for both local and distant (cached) entities and see if it fits
> cwuri
> or not.
I don't know what cwuri fits either, bit one thing that does not ring true
is the fact
it is a (required) attribute.

A cubicweb entity _already_ has a 'natural' or 'native' 'cw' uri:

After that, you may want to make some entities accessible from one
(aspect, or ontology) or some _other_ (geolocalisable ?) maybe  ....

Hence my doubts.

I've been thinking recently that what could be nice about local entities
> would
> be to have a 'canonical path' attribute, relative to the base url. When the
> entity is accessed from another url, we should raise 303 using the
> canonical
> url. In its current form, cwuri is indeed useless/painful for local
> entities.

I still don't understand the problem we're trying to address obviously :-/

> Still, we need something for distant entities and iirc datafeed use cwuri
> as
> foreign key. Valid usage but probably not matched by the 'cwuri' name...
Why doesn't datafeed use _just_ the extid field ? (I thought it did)

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