[Cubicweb] Move sources to a sub-directory

Christophe de Vienne christophe at unlish.com
Fri Aug 29 12:04:04 CEST 2014

Le 29/08/2014 07:22, Sylvain Thénault a écrit :
> On 25 août 16:58, Christophe de Vienne wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
> Hi Christophe,
>> Studying how can pip / setuptools can make work on cubicweb easier,
>> I hit a major problem : "pip install -e" (equivalent to "setup.py
>> develop") will _not_ work.
>> It seems to me it is because the package files are directly in the
>> root directory of the package.
> I think it is, indeed.
> [...]
>> I am willing to propose patches for all the projects if that is what
>> it takes, but I would like your feedback on this idea before.
> I can't tell yet for Logilab if we're fine to generalize some change, but my POV
> is that we have to align with the community standard (and tools) at some point,
> which we probably reached. Unfortunatlly even if our process has been working
> for years and if we're not fond nor users of the submentioned tools, unless we
> don't mind to ease cubicweb adoption and to build a community.
That would ease things a lot.
I also think that moving to pyramid is a great occasion to adopt the 

> FYI, we're planning to do such change in pylint and astroid. Also as bonus
> feature, you get the ability to "pip install" your project directly from hg/git.
Actually I am already doing that for a cube and it works.

> That being said, I think the most import change on our side is to adapt our
> internal tools and our CI chain to work with such a new layout.
I wonder if an intermediate solution with simlinks in the grshell 
repository would be enough.

It think it is probably worth a try. Anybody for testing that ?


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