[Cubicweb] Which way to go to do remote RQL ?

aurélien campéas aurelien.campeas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 18:42:14 CEST 2014


2014-08-06 18:22 GMT+02:00 Yann Cointepas <yann at cointepas.net>:

> Hi,
> I need to know if there is a recommended way to remotely access a Cubicweb
> instance via RQL from a Python script. AFAIK, there are several options
> that are more or less obsolete (e.g. Pyro, ZMQ). What is going to be
> supported in the future years ? Are the supported options compatible with
> the following features :
> 1) Secure when used over internet.


> 2) Possibility to use commit/rollback

Each request is mapped to a transaction.
For transactions spanning multiple requests, out of the box,
you can use the "undo" api (if, hum, it is correctly exposed).
There's no reason we can't provide more but please tell us
your story.

> 3) Possibility to use users login/password

or signed requests, as you wish.

> 4) Possibility to handle big query data, big request or big resultset

I contend that today CubicWeb can handle *fairly big* data,
requests and result sets. But how big is big ?

> 5) Possibility to modify the database

Use the rqlcontroller cube.

> 6) Possibility to get an error message for bad queries


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