[Cubicweb] [pyramid] need feedback on current implementation

Christophe de Vienne christophe at unlish.com
Thu Aug 21 23:10:19 CEST 2014

Hi everyone !

I would like to release shortly (ie, before next cubicweb pilot comity 
in two weeks) a first version of pyramid_cubicweb.

The primary goal of this release is to be able to start any cubicweb 
instance as a pyramid application that takes care of authentication and 
session management. The secondary goal is to make easy and natural for 
any cubicweb developer to try all that.

So I need some feedback !

To try pyramid_cubicweb with your existing 3.19-based instances, you 
have to :

- get pyramid 1.5+ installed, along with pyramid_debugtoolbar and all 
their dependencies [*]
- get pyramid_cubicweb in your PYTHONPATH 
- update your cubicweb repo to 4effb4fcafee
- run "cubicweb-ctl pyramid -D INSTANCE"

 From there, try to find what is going wrong, and we will work together 
to make it work properly. It should be almost transparent, except for 
persistent sessions. Expect (and report!) issues with non-default 
authentication modes.

Best regards,


[*] This is probably the most tricky part, please don't give up!
I personally use a virtualenv to install pyramid and do a "setup.py 
develop" in pyramid_cubicweb, along with the grshell-cubicweb and 
adequate CW_MODE, CW_CUBES_PATH and PYTHONPATH on top of the virtualenv.
Note that once we have pyramid 1.5 in the debian backports life will be 
It would also get easier for me or others if cubicweb was "setup.py 
develop" friendly but one thing at a time.

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