[Cubicweb] Which way to go to do remote RQL ?

Yann Cointepas yann at cointepas.net
Wed Aug 6 18:22:47 CEST 2014


I need to know if there is a recommended way to remotely access a Cubicweb
instance via RQL from a Python script. AFAIK, there are several options
that are more or less obsolete (e.g. Pyro, ZMQ). What is going to be
supported in the future years ? Are the supported options compatible with
the following features :

1) Secure when used over internet.

2) Possibility to use commit/rollback

3) Possibility to use users login/password

4) Possibility to handle big query data, big request or big resultset

5) Possibility to modify the database

6) Possibility to get an error message for bad queries

Thank you for your help.


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